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I fell in love with the Sacred Valley of Peru eight years ago… The land, the mountains, the people, the community.  This is a unique place, where time moves differently…   where you can leave behind your worries and normal ways of being and embrace a beautiful simple heart warming culture, land and people.  I encourage everyone who finds themselves drawn to this sacred land to really soak up your time here.  Receive the many gifts that are offered and carry them back with you to your home, your family and loved ones.

In the time I have lived here, I’ve explored much of this magical valley and surrounding areas, and I would love to share that with you.   Whatever type of trip you are looking for, let’s plan something special and unique just for you.   Stunning hikes, hidden (and more famous) ruins, the best restaurants, local cultural connections, massage, healing, sacred plant medicine work, and wonderful artisanal shopping!  

What We Do

Four Levels of Service


From brainstorming ideas to detailed itineraries, we will help you plan your trip to include everything you want to see and do,so that you won't miss a thing!


After coming up with your ideal itinerary, we will take care of all the bookings so there is nothing for you to do but enjoy the magical journey you created!

Private Tour

For those wishing a personalized retreat or tour, we provide on-site attention and personal guiding, including yoga, meditation, and all assistance necessary.


We offer various organized retreats throughout the year with special guest contributors

Your Epic Adventure Awaits!

About Lea

Although I wasn’t aware of it at the time, my

journey began with yoga while working fulltime

in the finance world.  The more yoga I practiced

the more things shifted until I realized I wasn’t

living the life I wanted to, and left the corporate

world to explore, travel and deepen my yogic

practice.   What started as an exploration of the world evolved into a spiritual journey as more and more beliefs were shattered and a deeper exploration of who we are and what this is became the guiding force in my travels.  I learnt to surrender to the flow of life and the teachings, guidance, beauty and magic of this existence began to reveal themselves.  Now just living in deep gratitude for the simplicity and beauty of life, I’ve settled in the Sacred Valley of Peru where I run a small guesthouse from my country home, and spend my time studying plant medicines, practicing healing modalities and facilitating retreats.  I work with energy intuitively and have studied and am certified in several healing modalities including, Theta Healing, Reiki, Yoga Therapy, and Siddha Kundalini.  I love the opportunity to hold space for deep healing, to help people break out of patterns and live the life they truly want to.


“Lea was the perfect guide for our spiritual journey in Peru.  Her grounded, deep and yet fun and light way of being created a beautiful container for all of our travels and experiences.  As often happens with travel, sometimes things did not go as planned and Lea handled these situations with flexibility and ease.  Lea's relationships with shamans and Peruvian medicine men and women meant that we had intimate and personalized ceremonies that for myself led to profound self-healing and self-realization.  She also took us to sacred sites away from the traditional tourist destinations where we were able to explore ancient portals and other spiritual mysteries.  I will never forget this trip, as it expanded my way of seeing myself and the world.  I am so grateful to Lea for being our loving and fearless leader” 


—  Katie Hornowsky

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